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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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breaking news tonight at ten:a young teen girl is missing in mountain view. i'm pam moore.(steve) and i'm steve aveson..we have her picture just in to the kron4 newsroom. she is 13- year-old myra renteria. she was last seen leaving crittenden middle school today in mountain view. anyone with any information is asked to contact the police immediately. new at ten -- a violent crime rocks a quiet east bay community... a man is shot is his own home during a burglary...(steve) it happened in the oakland hills... and right now the criminals are on the loose. at least three homes were hit. new tonight at ten -- kron4's jr stone is live at the scene... j-r what
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condition is the homowner in tonight? ( pam) it was rough commute home
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for a lot of bart riders in the east bay... after a man threatened to jump from a
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platform at the walnut creek station. this is video of the dramatic end ... you can see the man coming down from the ledge. he has been placed on an emergency psychiatric hold. this incident started around 1:30- this afternoon... and disrupted service for hours... the walnut creek bart station was closed, as negotiators talked with the man... this was the scene at the walnut creek bart station as it was happening... bart brought in bus bridges to help people get to where they needed to go. the incident ended around 5:20 -this evening. (steve) another big story we are following tonight:u-c berkeley has decided to cancel a planned speech by controversial conservative ann coulter.(pam) that follows several violent protests in berkeley recently ...including one involving another controversial alt- right figure ---- milo yian- nop-olis.. he was also set to speak on campus -- when violent protests erupted. tonight, ann coulter says, she is still coming to the city --- despite the event being cancelled on
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campus.(steve) grant lodes is here with what is shaping up to be a debate over free speech. (grant) yes and this isn't a berkeley or bay area only issue. coulter has a national following...and this story trending on line tonight...she was on fox news tonight talking about it. the university says the decision was made in the interest of public safety. the school also says the organizers of the event...which was set for next thursday... did not give enough advance notice for school administrators to find a safe venue on campus. and we're just days removed from an ugly scene in berkeley. dan mogulof/uc spokesperson: "quite the contrary! we want this event to take place...,we feel comfortable securing that" naweed tahmas/berkeley college repulicans: "the university usually asks advance notice of 4 weeks..."
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(grant) they're still trying to figure out a venue in the city of berkeley for that speech...won't be on campus. and one of the issues that u-c berkeley has long been a bastion of free speech...and demonstration...and cancelling the ultra conservative coulter...does theoretically limit her ability to express herself. the other argument what degree is the school responsible for people's safety on its campus.
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(steve) happening now. civil air patrol crews are searcing for this small plane that failed to arrive in petaluma... it took off from truckee with two people aboard on monay afternoon. tonight crews say radar analysis and cellphone forensics have helped narrow the a rugged area northwest of truckee. the plane has an emergency locator transmitter...but so far no signal from that transmitter. (pam) fresno police are describing the man accused of gunning down three white men ... as a 'hate- filled racist'.... and they add, kori muhammad set out this past week, to 'kill as many people as possible.' they say muhammad is not only un-repentent-- he has been laughing about what he did..
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police say, muhammad began his killing spree when he gunned down a security guard at a motel last week.. and when he realized he was a wanted man... he set out to systematically kill as many white people as he could... these are newly released pictures of the three men who were shot just yesterday... mark gassett was shot as he walked away from catholic charities ... with a bag of groceries.. zack randalls - the father of a three- year- old girl - had just started working for p-g-&e... he was on his first ride-along with a crew. and david jackson was 58-years -old... living in fresno.... police say, he was chosen in part, because he was 'older and heavier.' police say, muhammed has talked to them, detailing what he did... often showing only amusement. the mother of mark gassett spoke earlier today saying she is heartbroken.... rosie wagner - mother of victim mark gassetthe had a heart of gold. he had two beautiful little boys. he was a good-hearted person.chief jerry dyer / fresno police: kori muhammad is a very callused individual. when he was taking our police officers
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and detectives around to various locations last night and yesterday, as he spoke about the shootings and shooting individuals, he did so in a very callus manner, and in fact laughed multiple times as he described what transpired.(pam) there have been memorials and vigils for the victims... including this one, hosted by an interfaith group last night. police say, when they arrested muhammad.... he was surrounded by voodoo amulets ... meant to ward off evil. he told police he 'respected' them... and did not want to force them to shoot him. (steve) now the nba playoffs...
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the warriors are facing the portland trailblazers at home tonight.. it's game two of a seven game series... (pam) the warriors already up one- game to none ... and golden state fans are feeling good. even though star player kevin durant is out.. due to injury. kron 4's lydia pantazes is live at oracle arena tonight. it's quiet out here, that's because all the fans are inside the oracle arena cheering on their team.
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(pkg)this is what it's all about for these fans...getting to meet and maybe even get a fist bump from their favorite warrior..."did he sign your jersey? yeah, he did. you excited? yeah it's cool! but even this kid will tell you... that the most important part of tonight's game is..."trying to get a dub, trying to get a win!"some fans even wearing good luck charms "hopefully it brings us luck."hoping to give the warriors an edge..."my dads jacket so, this is my dads jacket, he passed away so i thought i'd bring him with us to the game, to have his presence here, even though he's got the best seat in the house upstairs." and while not everyone here is a warriors fan....."you're not a warriors fan? no."this kid is a clippers fan...something his little brother finds pretty funny since he doesn't expect his brothers team to make it to the next round."is that
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funny to you? are you a warriors fan? yeah. and he's not a warriors fan, no. my dad is a warriors fan."but there is one thing on fans minds.... the fact that kevin durant didn't play."i think we can handle the portland trailblazers but if it was anybody else he'd be playing." (steve) kron4 sports reporter mark carpenter will have the highlights live from oracle arena tonight at 10:45. (pam) coming up - former n-f-l star aaron hernandez ... found hanged in his cell.. tonight -- why his death could mean his conviction record will be wiped clean. (steve) then a video all
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parents need to see...just how fast a young girl's attempt to immitate a magic trick goes horribly wrong... (pam) and next:san francisco bracing for the annual 4-20 celebration of pot... we look into what is different .. now that recreational marijuana is legal.
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(pam) happening is the unofficial holiday celebrating everything
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marijuana -- it's called 4-20. every year there is a huge event in san francisco ... that leaves behind a huge mess. this is the first year recrational pot is legal in califonria...despite that --- smoking mairjuana in public is still ánotá allowed.(steve) that hasn't stopped people in the past... kron4's justine waldman shows us how san francisco is planning to try and mellow the annual 420 party in golden gate park.
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so why you doing it now?nat sot two shotat oaksterdam university in oakland.. where people get trained about the cannabis industry we got an explaination on what prop 64 does allow people do.sot you can posses up to one ounce of cannibals you can grow up to 6 cannabis plants and you can receive that cannabis as a gift as long as it is under one ounce users still need a marijuana card to make purchases at dispensaries.the state is still figuring out how to regulate the sale of recreational marijuana which will likely take up the rest of the year.sot while you could get a friend to share up to one ounce with you are still a law obidding citizen as long as you don't fire it up for 4/20 past celebrations have cost the city more than a hundred thousand dollars each year. .merchants raised money for port-to-potties to try and keep it a little more mellow
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we've asking the city to put porter potties out and put more garbage cans out. they complain about the mass that's made it 420 but they did nothing to alleviate it and now they're finally doing it which is a good thing. (steve) the city says it plans to start shutting the 4/20 party down at 6 tomorrow night... (pam) new at 10.. doctors have concluded that a woman charged with the death of an alameda county sherrif's explorer ... is not mentally competent to stand trial at this time. court appointed doctors found ... that 24-year-old laura rodgers... is unable to understand the criminal proceedings against her and assist in her defense. court officals will decide on may fifth whether rodgers will receive a jury trail... or be transferred to a mental facility. if rodgers is sent to a mental facility, she will receive treatment so that she could possibly stand trial in the future. rodgers and her boyfriend, 23-year-old curtys taylor .. are charged in connection with the death of karla ramirez. her body was
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found in a creek at the arroyo vieho recreation center in oakland on november third. ramirez was a volunteer with the sheriff's explorer program... that organizations' participants often go on to become law enforcement officers. (steve) tonight crews have demolished a half moon bay home that was dangerously close to falling onto a beach. fortunately, the building was vacant.... the bluffs underneath the house had been eroded away by months of wet weather. kron 4's charles clifford gives us an up close look. this past winter the powerfull storms we saw actually eroded the bluffs here in halfmoon bay back 20 or 30 feet in some places. that actually undercut the foundation of what was a small house sitting here on the bluffs and here was concern that the house might fall onto the beach so today they are demolishing this building.this is video of the house wednesday morning from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. it was torn down just moments after this video was taken. the house, which is
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about 690 square feet, is actually owned by california state parks. it was built in the 1940's and was most recently used as employee housing but had been vacant for quite some time. when the bluff erosion was discovered, state parks decided to tear it down.sotthe loss of this house is just the latest casualty of california's record breaking wet weather this past winter. just to the north in pacifica, erosion along the coast badly damaged this beach access, forced the demolition of an apartment complex and badly eroded this popular trail. back in half moon bay, the house may be gone but the foundation is still in place and the plan is to keep it that way.sot
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richmond san rafael broidge ... a nice forecast ahead.(steve) for all the weather details.. let's check chief meterologist brittney shipp.. .a system will bring light precipitation across the northern portion of the region from this evening into tonight. dry conditions return by tomorrow along with a warming trend into friday as high pressure builds aloft. dry weather looks to persist into the upcoming weekend with temperatures near seasonal averages.
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(pam ) still ahead..north korea's latest propoganda video .... shows san francisco being wiped out by a bomb. tonight - we are tracking reaction to the threat posed by leader kim jong un. (steve ) and next...former n-f-l star aaron hernandez ... found hanged in his cell.. tonight -- we look into the possibility of his conviction record being wiped clean... and what that could mean for his family.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play?
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♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. (steve) convicted
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murderer and former nfl star aaron hernandez was found hanged in his massachusetts prison cell today. investigators say he had "attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items" but tonight -- the former pro athlete's family wants an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. reporter andy rose has the latest. ((((nats: "guilty of murder in the first degree")))) convicted murderer and former professional football player aaron hernandez was found hanged in his jail cell wednesday morning.the apparent suicide comes just days after hernandez was aqcuitted in a double murder case.but he was already serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of semi-pro football player, odin lloyd.hernandez, was once a rising star with the new england patriots.but two murder trials and one conviction later, he was instead going to spend the rest of his life in prison.
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hernandez was in the process of appealing his conviction when he died. now because of state law, his conviction could be vacated.the lawyer representing the families in the second murder case, say they still plan on filing a civil suit. william kennedy/ attorney for furtado and de abreu: "they were good people that deserved to live and that was robbed from them...and that's what this case was about when we first brought it, when mr. hernandez was with us...and we intend to proceed on it."meanwhile, hernandez' family wants more answers surrounding his death, and have asked their attorney to investigate. robert proctor/attorney: "he was an eternal optimist. it is very hard for me to accept that he committed suicide but we are keeping an open mind.... reporter: you don't believe he was suicidal?robert proctor/attorney: not the aaron i know."i'm andy rose, reporting. (pam) new tonight at ten: we look deeper into whether the conviction of aaron hernandez.. could be vacated because of his death... in massachusetts,
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when a defendant dies after a conviction, but ábeforeá the appeal is heard.... that could happen. the dean of the massachusetts school of law says, if hernandez has a clean record.... it is possible the patriots might owe his estate a signing bonus .... and the n-f-l could even owe his estate a pension.. there is legal precedent to all this -- back in 2003, the conviction of a child molester and roman catholic priest was vacated.... after he was murdered in prison... that happened at the same prison where hernandez apparently killed himself. (steve) coming up - new at ten.a young girl nearly chokes to death trying to immitate a magic trick... where she saw it. (pam) then -- the punishment a woman could face.... for vandalizing a northern california mosque... investigators say, in
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addition to the damage -- she left food forbidden by the religion. (steve ) then -- it started at as a two foot it's grown into a massive east bay sinkhole... and it's right next to a retirement community.
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(steve) a giant sinkhole is causing concerns tonight in the east bay.(pam) it is right next to a retirement community in pinole... this is video of the problem... kron4's hermela aregawi gives us a closer look. you can see the gaping hole from the sky through our partnership with abc 7 news. it's hard to imagine it started with a 2 feet crack in the sidewalk..less than a month's now about 100 feet long, 80 feet wide and 40 feet deep.stephen mark harris/bay park retirement resident: two months ago it was a road coming straight through on each side of this facility. which gave access to the parking lot in the back area. it's just amazing how all this asphalt is just crumbling under the pressure of the earth. it's like the earth is just being swallowed up and taking all the asphalt and the road is gone.the city red-tagged the lot earlier this monththey maintain that residents in this large bay park retirement community are not in danger.but some people
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who live here say they are still on edge.stephen mark harris/bay park retirement resident: there is a certain level of fear involved and that is understandable. everyone involved including the construction crew are in a complete tizzy. they see the problem but have no idea how to follow through with it. construction crews were out here for most of the morning digging up some of the soil to test that crews can figure out what it require to stabilize this land so they can ultimately rebuild the parking lot and the utilities that were here.(hermela aregawi)some facilities in the backpart of the community here have been closed as a precaution.but residents tell me they're afraid it's only a matter of time before they're forced out of their homes as a precaution.reporting in pinole, hermela aregawi, kron 4 news.
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(steve) new tonight at ten: an alarming accusation in the aftermath of the oroville dam crisis.(pam) the claim: those 200-thousand people who had to abruptly evacuate ... never should have been in danger in the first place. grant lodes is back with the new details and why congress could be getting involved. (grant) six california members of the house of represetatives want safety standards reviewed at big dams in the u-s. additionally...a butte county supervisor is calling out the people who operate the oroville dam...calling it poorly run. supervisor bill connolly says those officials should never have let the lake get that high. in fact...managers at the nation's tallest dam... got an uncommon exemption from the army corps of engineers... to
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bypass a rule that would have required them to release huge amounts of water from the rapidly filling dam. when both spillways failed...there was concern a wall of water could decimate towns downstream. that did not happen...but now lawmakers are trying to improve dam safety here in california and throughout the country. (pam) bill o'reilly is officially out at fox.rupert murdoch made the announcement today.. . .over terminating the network's most popular host. the new york times reported earlier this month .... that five women had been paid a total of 13-million dollars... to keep quiet about unpleasant encounters with o'reilly.o'reilly denies the allegations . . .but that wasn't enough to get him off the hook. o'reilly has been on
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vacation in rome. . .and was schedule to come back next monday.tucker carlson will eventually be taking over o'reilly's time slot. (steve) a u-s carrier strike group being deployed to the north korean peninsula. . . is not in a big hurry to get there.this after the isolationist country has been reported to be on the verge of a nuclear test. but it's come to light the strike group has a significant layover for another purpose.barbara starr takes a look at the mixed- messages all this likely sends to north korea. natsits a war of images and words that didn't need madison avenue.north korea's latest propaganda video: military singers, simulated missiles striking the u-s.sean spicer/ white house press secretary"i don't think we're going to comment every time they put out a piece of propaganda."the pentagon also entering the messaging arena-- announcing to the news media days ago the
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aircraft carrier u-s-s carl vinson was headed near the korean peninsula--but not telling the media right away that it would first do exercises off australia before heading north.sean spicer/ white house press secretary"it was announced it was going, it will be there."the carrier will arrive as soon as next week on station between the korean peninsula and japan-- conducting routine but visible flight operations says a u-s defense official.but that confusing media message could have national security gen. mark hertling (ret.)/ cnn military analyst"this could be just considered a mistake or a miscommunication between the navy and the pentagon and the white house - that's fine, you have mistakes sometimes in military operations but when you have these kinds of mistakes and it sends an indicator that there is a lack of coordination, a lack of uh well a lack of coordinated effort it could be problematic to both friends and foes alike."defense secretary james mattis annoyed at the attention and the confusion.
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james mattis/ defense secretary "the bottom line is in our effort to always be open about what we are doing we said that we were going to change the vinson's upcoming schedule." mixed messaging on north korea -- taking on the good cop/ bad cop overtone.vice pres. pence "just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea would do well not to test his resolve."but the president's national security advisor emphasizing a peaceful solution and noting a reliance on what other administrations have gen. h.r. mcmaster/ national security adviser"this problem is coming to a head. so it's time to take all options we can, short of a military option, to try to resolve it peacefully. so we'll rely on allies, like we always do." (pam) today president trump hosted the super bowl champion new england patriots at the white house. . . and that led to some teens
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from the bay area -- getting a nice surprise during their washington d.c. visit. first -- this was the ceremony this morning.. quarterback tom brady was not there.. citing 'personal family matters.' a few others skipped the event ... citing opposition to president trump. new tonight -- we have some video from a bay area student who was on a white house tour. the st. joseph school 7th & 8th grade class from mountain view ... running into the super bowl champs... a very nice surprise. we'll have much more on the patriots white house visit .. ahead in sports. .. coming upyou know who i am no ohhhhh no don't tell me stanley roberts people behaving badly it's the 4th multi agency crackdown this year in san mateo county i'll show who was caught in the next edition of people
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behaving badly
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fletcher: "is there a growing concern over investors about trump's inability to get some of his policies through?" black: "we were running high weren't we? november was really good. the first quarter of the year started off strong
10:41 pm
as people thought, 'hey, we're going to get tax cuts. we're going to get tax repatriation. we're going to get a spending bill up to trillions of dollars. we're going to get corporate taxes cut from thirty five percent maybe down to eighteen to twenty-two to twenty-three percent. now it appears that all that's on the back burner; there's a new survey that came out from merrill lynch. global fund managers expectations are waning. and you saw the stock market up five percent in the first three months and since then, it's gone nowhere fast so there's no expectation of global inflation. people are starting to slide on their expectations for reform as far as corporate profits improving tied towards tax reform. . . so the defeat of the gop health care bill have made investors a lot more skeptical of any sort of trump policy follow through."fletcher: "alright this final story here is the one i've been been looking forward to because every time i go to ikea with he wife, my favorite stop is to stop in the food area there. i get my swedish meat balls and you're telling my i may be able to get that without having to go to ikea." black: "crazy, right? so ikea's floating the idea of coming up with a stand-alone restaurant or cafe-type business. but the furniture giant has yet to release any
10:42 pm
details in these independent eateries. but thirty percent of customer head to ikea, get this, just for food. just for food. they don't even go to buy furniture or even to look at furniture. thirty percent go in just for this, the swedish meat balls and such like that. the furniture giant, ikea, sells over a billion meat balls every year. they've recently come out with some chicken and veggie meat balls to keep up with the demands of the times, so to speak. so you don't have to go to ikea to get sofas anymore. now you can go to ikea to feed up and fill up on meat balls." fletcher: "alright, good advice rob. thank you as always. and if you want your questions answered, send them to rob. reach out to him. he's easily accessible on facebook. kron4. rob black." (brittney) coming up: the seven day forecast!(brittney) coming up: the seven day forecast!
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these are 100% beef burgers that are 100% from denny's. they are 100% made-to-order, which is 100% awesome.
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100% beef burgers with fries from denny's. 100% seriously. new tonight at ten... a sacramento woman is facing up to six -years in prison... for a hate crime at a mosque in davis. lauren kirk- coehlo pleaded guilty to all charges earlier today... police say, kirk-coehlo vandalized and broke six- windows at the davis islamic
10:46 pm
center in january... she also admitted to a hate- crime allegation... where police say, she put bacon strips on door handles... muslims are prohibited from eating pork products. kirk- coehlo sentencing is set for june 16, with possible penalties ranging from probation to 6- years in state prison. (steve) also new tonight.... a 10-year-old from rancho cucamonga, nearly chokes and swallowed a quarter when a magic trick goes wrong.... the girl child was trying to recreate the trick she saw on youtube. (pam) the coin has been lodged in the girl's intestine for almost two weeks now... reporter rick chambers shows us the moments when the trick went wrong... morgan renear, 10, attempted a coin trick she saw on youtube. she filmed herself with two quarters in her mouth but swallowed one by mistakemorgan could be heard off camera coughing and gasping 'i'm going to die'... and her parents were downstairs not knowing what was happening to her.they rushed her to the
10:47 pm
hospital where doctors took x-rays... and they showed the coin was in morgan's stomach before it moved to her intestines.doctors say she was lucky the quarter didn't get lodged in her wind pipe.
10:48 pm
(steve) morgan's parents say the trick she was trying to copy was the youtube video where magician and illusionist criss angel swallows a quarter before he makes it reappear in his arm. .a system will bring light precipitation across the northern portion of the region from this evening into tonight. dry conditions return by tomorrow along with a warming trend into friday as high pressure builds aloft. dry weather looks to persist
10:49 pm
into the upcoming weekend with temperatures near seasonal averages.
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no kevin durant... no problem for the warriors tonight... taking on the blazersgame two... first round of the nba playoffs...... steph curry... got things going quickly with this three... he didn't have a great start... 6 points in the first quarter... but the warriors still led 31-17 after the end of the first quarter... the blazers did make a run in the 2nd quarter... evan turner's 3-pointer cut the warriors lead to one...but them the bench took over... partick mccaw...starting in place of the durant... the rookie only had 9 but got the momentum back... as did javale mcgee... made all 7 of his shots... finishing with 15 points... the warriors center tandem of mcgee-pachulia and west scored 33 points... 55-46 dubs at the half...3rd quarter... curry heats up... the 34-foot three to put the warriors up 19... he had 13 in
10:51 pm
the 3rd... 19 for the game... but the star of the game was the warriors defense... klay thompson with the block of damian lillard on one end... then cans the three on the other... and draymond green says... "not in our house!... lillard and c.j. mccollum held to 23 after scoring 75 in game one...warriors win 110-81lets go to the podium...(wipe to sot) giants playing their second straight game without bruce bochy he's expected to rejoin team on the road on friday when they take on the rockies (5 seconds) the last time madison bumgarner pitched at kauffman stadium... he helped the giants beat the royals in game seven of the 2014 world series. (11 seconds) but tonight that wasn't the case... bottom fifth...mike moustakas hopper to first helps kansas city take the lead bumgarner pitched six... allowed seven hits and two runs top ninth... with a runner on third... buster posey can't bring hunter pence home
10:52 pm
giants split the series they lose 2-nothing right across oracle arena... the a's were playing their series finale against the rangers. (17 seconds) the a's came out on fire yonder alonso had a great afternoon. bottom of the first he hits an r-b-i double down the 'loanmart' sign bringing in the fourth run of the inning... he finished with a pair of r-b-i's (11 seconds) khris davis out the game away with a 2-run bomb... that's his seventh home run of the season. he tied for most in major league baseball a's spank the rangers 9-1 the patriots were at the white house to celebrate their super bowl win over the falcons. but before they were honored by president trump... rob gronkowski had some fun with press secretary sean spicer sean spicer: "well see what plans out in negotiations, but i think there's an opportunity to... can i just... rob gronkowski: "need some help"sean spicer: "uh...(laughter)... i think i got this, but thank you maybe... thanks man i'll see
10:53 pm
you in a minute (laughter) hold on one second (laughter) alright that was cool". new england is the first team that president trump welcomes to the white house. tom brady did not attend because of dealing with family matters. it was a very positive ceremony... the 45th president congratualted the pats for creating a winning culture... being the team has gone to the white house five times since owner robert kraft and bill belichick took over the team. thanks gary.. here's what's next... much more news coming up at the top of the hour.including a desperate search underway for a missing teen in the south details on where she was last seen.((steve))all the big news stories of the day, in half the time.kron 4 news at eleven is next.
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have assembled. spider-man... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! careless driving can be
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risky and costly. recently one hundred and fifty drivers were stopped in just a few hours 125 ticketes were handed out and one driver was caught with no license ..(pam)yes you guessed it.. the monthly peninsula traffic crackdown .. and guess who was there .. (no u-turn and what did you do?) u-turn (in front of?) the police (and now you are?) busted (you know who i am) no ohhhhh no don't tell me stanley roberts people behaving badly it's step aka the saturation traffic
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enforcement program. this time in south san francisco, daly city and the city of brisbane it's traffic officers from all around san mateo county targeting problem traffic areas i'm riding with officer guaydacan of the brisbane police department (sound of radar gun) this driver in brisbane was going 15 miles over the posted speed limit good morning brisbane police i stopped you because you were speeding back there the speed limit is 45 and i had you at 60 on my radar am i behaving badly? why were you going so fast? actually, this is my first time getting pulled over . a clue might have been this little racer on board decal.. this is a citation for speeding .this driver in also in brisbane was about to fully blow the stop sign, but caught sight of the police cruiser tried to stop .but it was too late high good morning ma'am brisbane police how are you very very sorry, i was having tummy pains so i was just running to go to the restroom apparently, the rumor is if you say you have to go really really bad that counts as an emergency and you might get out of a ticket this is a
10:59 pm
citation for not stopping at that stop sign there is no truth to that rumor if you are going to be on your cell phone . don't drive in front of an officer and expect nothing to happen i stopped you because cellphone wheel you were on the roadway you know it suppose to be handsfree right. he turns the truck off oh people behaving badly, yea we are working the saturation traffic enforcement program i took the car since i was pulling into the gas station but when i saw you were still back there on the roadway there were more drivers caught including this driver who was having a jack in the box craving and almost made it . almost and this who developed a unique way to avoid the camera i'll have more in a future edtion of people behaving badly in san mateo county stanley roberts kron 4 news (steve) our top story tonight.... a man in the east bay shot
11:00 pm
inside his own home... by neighborhood thieves. i'm steve aveson.(pam) and i'm pam moore.. it happened in the oakland hills... and in addition to a 30-year-old man being shot ... neighbors say, at least three oher homes were burglarized and ransacked.(steve) kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and is in oakland with the mans condition tonight....


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